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  1. I write, Thatismy work. I can say this, love painting, great creative art that I still as much I try to see-read, you guys I have no clue how you are able to do it.

    I I jsut write nutty things and then I learn from people in WordPress. I do ay it is my free univerity-
    I´m from Spain and if you don´t mind to see this video, a great pinter.It is in spanish narrated by her doughter, hopefully you wll see his paintings and give me some feed back. That, I would very much appreciated.
    The artista thought.


    1. Forgot.
      I hope you Will see this video if you have time, and tell me what you think about the paintins. It´s in spanish since i was born and now living here, it would be interesting for me and other people in the artistic community to hear your opinión about it.
      I just write a simple crazy blog, basically i´m saying that you if you Wwll that is,
      to give me some feedback about his paintings.


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